10 Factors That Affect Corporate Video Production Cost

10 Factors That Affect Corporate Video Production Cost

Producing corporate videos can cost a lot or less. This depends on several factors which make the cost of producing changes every time. The value increases because one cannot make compromises on quality or content. So, people have to hire camera operators and other people required to shoot the video. Also, scriptwriters and content creators have to be hired. This is for ensuring the fact that the video is shot well and that the concept is as desired. 

Production cost is a crucial factor. This is because the price is the first factor that comes to our mind when we start with the process. For keeping it simple, one can merely shoot the video on an iPhone or write some content himself. But unless there is a professional touch to it, The effort invested is not worth it. Cost is the primary factor that is considered by any video production company or video advertising company.

So, below are mentioned some factors that affect production costs to a great extent:

1) Editing phase

In this phase, one generates style for the video. This is the phase that gives substance to the video. At this stage, you see whether all the elements can be combined in a manner, so they can work towards one single goal or not.

2) Graphics creation

In some videos, graphics are required to be included. So, it is a little difficult to distinguish between graphics and animation. Apart from some graphics, some videos also have animation as their primary component. 

3) Complexity

The complexity of any project affects the editing costs to a great extent. A lot depends on the mood in which the video is edited. A specific set of skills are required for different projects. This is based on the central concept of the project. So, it becomes more difficult as the cost can only be assumed every time. But, it will always be approximate. This is because the actual damages cannot be predicted. 

4) Editing elements

To get an average idea of editing costs, we can have a look at past trends and study the surveys. This ends up giving an idea of how high the prices can go. So, the typical cost of editing can be around $60 per hour to $175 per hour. But, if the editing involves other vital elements, then the price will be between $100 per hour to $300 per hour.

5) Length of the Video

Now, this is very obvious. The cost of video production will likely be affected to a great extent. Web videos mostly last around a few minutes. The length depends a lot on the type of video. Apart from that, the purpose of the video also affects its range. The duration can be different for different kinds of videos. For example, storytelling videos can be longer than in short movies. Animation video maker firms are also cautious with the length.

6) Angles

Shooting a film can cost more than shooting a fifteen-second commercial. The cost can vary considerably. But, it is not that longer videos cost more. Price varies according to the quality and shooting angles. It varies because of a combination of both. 

7) Variations happening due to the crew

Merely shooting a video does not require more people. Only two or three people will suffice. But, often, you will get to notice that too many people are present on the set. And, most of them are idle. Let us consider an example. Suppose you are shooting a street interview. All you require is a cameraman, a reporter, and the central person answering the questions. But, extra people are always kept for handling the equipment, the wire. Also, technicians are required to feel if any failure occurs. In case of any confusion, some management people are needed to control if the need arises to do so. 

8) Concept

And, if the video is complicated and very conceptual, then the cost can vary considerably. Generally, some field production engineers have their equipment. These cost between 50$ and 75$ as estimated. Other than this, if a lighting technician is hired, the cost can be different. A lighting technician can cost between $30 and $50 on an hourly basis.

9) Cost of cut-away shots

Most of the videos require the addition of footage that is important to act as a supplement to what is being said. If someone is interviewing a business owner, and the person is talking about some equipment which is new, then in between their speeches, there should be shots of the material.

10) Description

Description of the video affects the concept. Also, this will be able to help with the complexity. They will gain valuable information as might be required for the equipment. There are a lot of video production companies that use this technique. 


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