Beginner's Guide To Commercial Filmmaking.

Beginner's Guide To Commercial Filmmaking.



You and your crew are all set to get the project done. You have the script approved, got the cameras and other gears and you’re ready to go out and shoot. This is going to be a fun day on the field, ready to experiment and spread your vision to the people. But what if you’ve haven’t shot a video before. How do you pass on your vision to the audience? 

There area good number to be careful about. Lack of proper knowledge can spoil a good video presentation idea. If you’re fresh and just about to start, there are a few points in this post which will help you shoot and execute your ideas which will help you pass your vision to the audience.

1) Mistakes made by Beginners -

First of all, avoid the common errors made by every new film-maker when they hold a camera in their hand. The most repeated and worst mistake is the frequent zooming and panning which is visible in every shot. Just give it a thought. Think about why you’re so obsessed with zooming in and out. Are you doing it just because of the feature being easily accessible?

There are several films that have been shot without zooming for a single time like the ones directed by Spielberg and Hitchcock. There’s no need to do it if you can’t come up with a good reason. Why not pause the tape and move a bit closer to the subject instead of zooming in and out which you can later edit it. If you really have to pan, move slow. Even more slower than what you feel.

2) Characteristics Of Lenses -

Each lens has its own characteristics, whether it’s a shorter wide angle lens or a long telephoto lens, you’ll get a different outcome when you’re completely zoomed out. You get more depth of field using a shorter lens which means that the things in the background and the things in the foreground are all in focus. Using a shorter lens can be useful for seeing everything focused in the frame. You can also use it if you want stability when you’re holding your camera.

Coming to the longer lens, it is a challenge to get stability while holding the camera. But with a longer lens, you’ll be able to get focus on your primary subject and the background out of focus. While shooting, as you zoom out slowly with your subject walking towards you, you’ll notice thatyour primary subject will mysteriously gain depth as the background comes into focus. The effect known as foreshortening, will show the variations in the focal lengths of the lenses.


3)Shaky-Cam -

One of the few common mistakes made by the beginners, the Shaky-cam. Obviously there are many videos and commercials that have used the shaky cam as a form of art. You can use it but at your own risk. Most of the times, you don’t really want the shaky effect to come out in your videos. To help you in this matter, do invest in a tripod that has a flexible head if you haven’t already. You’ll get rock solid stable outputs with smooth moves.

4)Lighting -

Remember, you’re viewing at a reflected light when you look at a camera shot or something else. Focus on good lighting, it will give you a much improved video quality and it’ll also make the lamest of the camcorders look great. Plan on investing on a lighting kit with a minimum of three lights in it.

In a basic lighting setup, you can have a key light which is placed close to the camera, a fill light which is aimed at the subject and a setup on the other side of the camera and finally a backlight which is placed behind the subject. Take care that the backlight doesn't come in between of the shot. If you’re shooting on an outdoor location. The best option is to film in the shade provided you use a reflector to add some punch.

5)The Backgrounds

Backgrounds, choose them carefully. Don’t opt for something that is too busy or even moving. The video will look better if there is less compression, even when dealing with lightly compressed DV footage. Try to avoid all the elements that’ll be a disturbance in your videos. For e.g.,, there’s a good-looking plant in a background but if it comes exactly behind someone’s head, it’ll look like as if they’re wearing a funny plant headdress. You can also add a few splashes of colour in the background to make it look really attractive.

So, there we have it. These were few points that can help all the starting film-makers out there. These are basic points that will be beneficial if followed and implemented well. Hope this post was informative and helpful.

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Published Date: 2018-09-20 | Tags: Corporate film makers/ in mumbai