What Are The Various Stages Of Video Production

What Are The Various Stages Of Video Production

What are the various stages of video production
Videos have now become the main stay of communication. They are used for communicating business ideas, business concepts, social ideas, information, and news. Video production has 5 major steps. Going with and trying your hand at video production without knowing its root is just walking straight on a road to reach the end of Earth. For every successful video shoot or production there is a series of steps that need to be followed for it to go Super Hit!

Many miss some of the steps while coming up with their own video, though it might work sometimes, in the long run, it doesn’t. Thus, to avoid making such mistakes or to go on smooth with a successful video production find below the 5 major steps to take care of.

Step 1: Development‍

The reason or the kick behind the project! This stage is all about how you come up with the project? For a long run project to move smoothly, it is very important to know where and why you started. This step is very crucial for the overall success.

Some of the ways or steps to go about which might be of help while coming up with the idea include:

  • Come up with a video production brief, brainstorm, pen and paper your plan down.
  • Reach out to people who can be of use to you, who can act as helping hand by sending out briefs to potential creative and production partners.
  • Choose your colleague; they shall all have a similar mindset as yours. As, if your wavelengths don’t match, then the work environment of the production house/office might be affected adversely.


The next step, (ignored by many) is Pre-Production. This is the step were you plan strategically of how to go about the video production, estimate your expenses, schedule, and kinks are worked out.

All the queries, questions, and doubts are to be cleared about. Various questions must be asked and answered during this phase including “What equipment and materials are to be used for the shoot” When to film it? What be the budget for it?

Since this is the next step and not the first one you are ready or have already decided as to what you are making and whether you want to hire anyone. It always better to work in teams to be ready with your agency or production team to work with.

Take a step closer to the objectives and develop a strategy to meet it. To help you with this find below some steps:


  • Breaking down the budget to make the best use of it and make sure nothing is a miss.
  • Come up with an audience magnet or someone with good speaking skills or an attractive sense of talk to resonate with your targeted audience.
  • Develop a timeline of the video production/project.
  • Scout for the best location for your shoot.
  • Have a script ready.



The stage is set now. It is time for action! This is the real show as this stage is where the producers start to produce the video. The phase includes filming, photo shooting all the necessary footage for the video content. This shall go hand in hand with the script.

This step informs one about the proper implementation of the previous ones, acting as feedback. As, if this step 3 goes smooth it tells everyone that the previous steps have been followed properly.

Some of the things to take care for turning this phase include:

  • Shoot the videos and cut the required voice-over narrations.
  • Capture all the footage.
  • Set up proper sound, lightening and filming equipment.
  • Produce any animation.
  • Interview if necessary.



The tailor sticking phase of video production! This is the stage where all the video and voice-overs are put together to get the final output of the video. Make sure the professionalism in your work and editing skills is shown. This stage shall make one feel that the money investments were all worth it. Aim at producing an engaging content or video as now the time has come where a video becomes famous for not just its editing skills but for its script too. Anyone and everyone should be able to make out the significance of the video, try making all audience content. By increasing the content friendliness to all ages you not only increase but attract more audience and also end up earning huge.


The various steps involved are:

  • Preview your video before putting it forward to the audience. See to it that the message you wanted to convey or show to your audience is met.
  • Edit down the video to the required length.
  • Edit all the elements into one single story.
  • Get over with all the final approvals.
  • A standard length and properly voiced video are all that is expected.
  • A key part of the post-production process would be to get input and approval from your business.

Key one thing noted that multiple rounds of editing might not be a possibility so have it checked out initially only. Don’t let small interruptions in the process spoil the team spirit.



The step where you have no steps to note but only time to enjoy! But before enjoying make sure your content is reachable to all. As here content is the king but distribution is queen and without a queen or a king, the hierarchy is incomplete.

Shortlist the best of distributers and select the best among them for your work . Uploading one on all the major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. is a must. Uploading is one thing and the other thing is using the feedback positively. Keeping yourself or your content up to date and matching the flavor loved by the audience shall be your primary motive and not earning money.


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