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wedding videography


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Weddings are incomplete without a video compilation and photo album of the best moments from the most important day of your life. These lifelong memories bring joy and colour back into our lives. Grand Indian Weddings are a spectacle and cannot be overlooked as far as celebrations are concerned. Let's dive into a few stories of togetherness and explore cultures and traditions from all around India.

wedding videography

1.Destination Wedding Cinematography

This video starts with beautiful drone footage of the Santa Monica beach, with scenic views of the location, accentuated by the beautiful Casa Del Mar, where the wedding celebrations took place. Every detail of this Hindu wedding is captured mesmerizingly. The bride getting ready while the groom patiently waits; the video is shit with finesse and brings out the beauty of the marrying couple. Everyone's joyous and ecstatic mood is captured amazingly, dancing to tunes and awaiting the ceremonial rituals. The videography is finely edited while the shots are neat and simple. The Los Angeles reception is a glamorous and grand affair. The married couple enjoys themselves while near and dear ones share anecdotes of their personal lives. The highlights are seamless, and we can see multiple shots of everyone partying their hearts out in celebration. The gorgeous hall room in which the reception took place enhances the grandeur of the visuals. Although it is an Indian wedding set in the US, we do not forget the roots of the family due to the serene video shooting and editing.

2. Kerala Wedding Videography

The wedding couple's charismatic visuals appeal to viewers, and the quirky nature of video shooting along with fun and outgoing music in the background makes the entire experience and unforgettable journey. A lot of slow-motion shots have been incorporated for a cinematic feel. Shot in Kerala, the wedding movie highlights the fun and frolic of the groom. Their intimate moments are beautifully captured in scenic locations such as a fort. The reception is a blast of music and dance. A traditionally untraditional love story has been given a modern look and feel.

3. South Indian Wedding Cinematic Film

A heart-touching and sweet compilation of video snippets and interviews, this film of a South Indian wedding are all about love and compassion. Anecdotes and interviews from close family members and the bride herself give us endearing personal memories, compliments and glimpses into their deepest emotions makes it a very heart-touching experience for viewers. Videography is extremely professional with many different kinds of styles and methods in play. The film is quite cinematic with emotional as well as comic and fun scenes from various members. Every scene feels complete with music and narration complementing the shots beautifully. The film focuses on the sentiments of family members on seeing their prized possession – their daughter, leave the house for a future with her husband.

4. Maharashtrian Wedding Videography

The video begins with the haldi ceremony where the beautiful bride is introduced with an excellent choice of music and angular shots. The film is divided into several parts depending on the ceremony. This Maharashtrian wedding is about glamour and beauty. A mesmerizing wedding location created explicitly for the wedding gives the entire film a cinematic touch along with Bollywood tracks complimenting each scene. Shooting and editing are well made with fun transitions and wide panoramic shots. Location and lighting are perfect for the wedding of this scale and grandeur.

5. South Indian Wedding Videography

A short and delightful highlight of this Andhra wedding makes us fall in love with the South Indian culture. A completely traditional wedding with traditional attires and intricate ceremonial rituals, this short film which highlights the entire sequence of events in under 5 minutes, keeps us occupied from start to end. Every second of each visual is captivating and full of joy. High-quality edits make this film look amazing.

6. Traditional Wedding Videography

The video begins with a cinematic style entry of the bride and groom walking towards the frame with smiling faces. The wedding videographer has captured every expression of them both with precision, and all shots keep our eyes focused on the people in the frame. The soft and serene music playing in the background makes us feel multiple emotions as the rituals progress. Visuals captured in slow-motion add a dramatic effect to the shots. The wedding reception is stylish, and the atmosphere in the reception hall is full of excitement. The highlights are stitched together perfectly. This typical Maharashtrian wedding makes us want to go for one the next chance we get!

7. Kolkata Wedding Videography

A Bengali wedding full of glitz, glamour and fun, this wedding movie is a prized possession for its owners. It includes childhood photographs and memories compiled into a segment which family members will always go back to and reminisce. It also comprises of the bride and grooms' achievements and accomplishments. Their likes and dislikes, preferences, habits, etc. are a part of this 46-minute video. Performances by the wedding couple, kids and relatives along with photographs from the traditional Bengali rituals, are accompanied with a beautiful selection of songs both Hindi and English. They have captured all the unforgettable memories from their essential day and stored them all in this wedding film for the rest of their lives.

8. Christian Wedding Cinematography

A wedding that is a class apart; this wedding film is shot with incredible style and quality. The videographers have spent a lot of time animating, editing and consolidating all footages seamlessly. It feels like a Bollywood movie with different video effects also being used to enhance the shots. Every piece of footage feels like a work of art due to the use of heavy production. Shot in Kochi, the reception is a massive affair with performances and a DJ party. As the couple rejoices in their new life, the celebrations are captured to detail and are hard to miss. This Christian wedding film is a blessing in itself!

9. Marwari Wedding Cinematography

The title does justice to the video and style of the wedding in this video. This wedding is a royal function, made with a very high budget. The location in itself is beautiful for a wedding as well as shooting, which proved to be a boon for this happy couple. Various angled and styled shots make this wedding film look grand and charismatic. The transitions between scenes are gradual and seamless. Both sides of the families are well depicted. The crowd gathered have been captured using dynamic drone shots. The landmark location, Mahalakshmi Racecourse, provides scenic views, making the whole affair grand.

10. Destination Wedding Videography

This unique love story of an Indian man and American women makes us swoon over the intermingling of cultures and traditions, likes and beliefs. The beautiful bride and handsome groom are all smiles as their traditional wedding gets a superb makeover. The reception is a fun-filled experience full of drinks and laughter as relatives share their love and admiration for each other. The focus was more on the relationship and values rather than the wedding itself. The wedding was a close-knit affair with many people dancing and cheering as they embraced the newly-wed couple. The videography was sweet and simple, just the way it should be, but leaves an impactful impression on the minds of viewers and leaves us with a smile towards the end.