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School event video Production in Mumbai

School event videos are one of the most celebrated videos in a person’s life. People go back and play their school videos to have a glimpse of the good old memories. We understand the importance of these sentiments.

Best school event production video in Mumbai

We are a Mumbai based production company. We have been in the business of video production for more than 5 years. We make event videos.
School event video is something we do out of passion. We cover all kinds of school events such as the Sports events, annual functions or any inter school competition videos.

As well as we do commercial videography and event photography. Our team is well equipped and have a knack for post-production, making a complete package of world class level. If you have any such requirements, contact us.

Best school event production video in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Weddings, the arrival of a new family member, anniversaries, and birthdays, all of them count as significant moments of one's life, moments that occur once in a lifetime, then why should graduation day, farewell, and sports day fall in the back of the line? School life is one of those blissful days of childhood that form strong pillars in our memory. An educational institution bids farewell to a batch every year, students that brought recognition and pride to the school and part their ways as a journey of life. At such a time School Event Videography ushers in to capture all the important events and functions of the school.

What do we mean by School event Videography?

In a digital era like today, we all are aware of the functionalities of videography. It is a technical process of capturing moving images, shooting videos, and framing them into a substantial videotape. As the term suggests, School Event Videography involves the professional recording of all the significant events that happen in an educational institution on a school level. It can include every type of event be it an annual day, a fest, or a significant day that will remain engraved in the history of the school.

This method can also be utilized to promote a new educational institution or a school that wants to broaden its scale and expand further to accommodate more and more students. These videography services can benefit schools in many ways. From a promotional point of view to capturing memories of school events, videography can help a school to also win the trust of parents and students.

Best school event production video in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

What are the events that are held in school which require Videography?

The School Event Videography is a simple process of capturing all those significant events that occur once a year, such as annual functions including sports day, recognition night, investiture ceremony, farewell, and freshers. These events may also include a play or a musical that the school may practice and perform on an elaborate scale. From intra-school competitions to inter-school fests, from Jubilation to celebration, every event that stands essential in the eyes of the authority and is worth capturing comes under school event videography.

Specific days such as Earth Day, and International Yoga Day, where school students come together for a cause and participate in a healthy competition are events that can be videographed.

Why is School Event Videography important?

Well-acknowledged schools have been observed to follow the trends of creating yearly school magazines, to condense all the moments of the past year into beautiful memories. Such magazines contain images of students who brought glory to the school, events of Earth day, Teacher's Day, and more such events that stand memorable in the minds of all the members of the school. Similarly, School Event Videography is a few steps ahead of this pattern, instead of photographs, it will leap further to record those moments and activities in motion and bring more life to them.

Best school event production video in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Benefits of Inculcating School Event Videography:

Memories in Motion: Unlike still photos, school events videography will allow beholding those memories in moving actions. Passing out students and families can look back at these videos to relieve those days of childhood and school days and reminisce about past achievements.

Best school event production video in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

More Excitement in Students: Students are already excited to see their faces or writings in the annual magazine, however, a bonus yearly video will intensify these feelings. This could also make the students more participative in co-curricular activities and bring the backbenchers into action.

Parents can Witness All Events: There are many school activities where parents cannot stand as an audience and witness the performance of their children. Since many schools do not allow the usage of mobile phones during school hours, those performances are never recorded. The process of videography will allow parents to see a very bit of activity that the school organizes and be a virtual audience to all of it.

Best school event production video in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Standing by the Growing Trends: As an educational institution of the 21st century, a school should never fall short when it comes to growth and development. Besides infrastructure and faculty, there are other branches that a school needs to grow with modernization. More and more schools are utilizing technology for the best results be it in studies or other ways. Likewise, school event videography is such a trend that must be adapted with time.

Promotion of the School: School Event videography can also be seen as a tactic to promote the institution in more than one way. A step such as this will firstly win the trust of the present students and their parents, who will recognize the efforts and investments of the school and stick by the institution for further studies. Secondly, such videos when launched on other social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook can attract more students to join the institution.

Best school event production video in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

What is the role of video production service providers in school events?

Many schools remain unnoticed in their town or city due to their lowkey image. Here, the video production acts as an advisor who can provide absolute guidance in the ways a school from its image. The video production services include several options, through which a school can simply capture important activities and days of the school or use this method as a promotional tool. It is a reliable way of gaining the trust of students and their parents who invest their money in the school and education of their children.

What is the cost of hiring school event video production companies in India?

The cost of hiring a school event video production company can vary to a wide range depending on the option a school avails of. Each company that offers facilities has a different specialization and a super combination of all of them as well.

Short videos of period 2 to 3 minutes and cost less than long videos lasting 10 minutes or more. For the prior, the price begins at 5,000 to 7,500 rupees in most video production companies. However, a long-term contract with a particular video production company that will be responsible for capturing all the school events in the entire year may cost up to 75,000 or more.

List of 10 School Event video production companies in Mumbai:

1. Corporate Films Mumbai

This stands as the best option for School Event Videography. Unlike other video production companies, Corporate Films Mumbai has especially made an option for school event videography. The video production company believes in the significance of school life and how it's the most beautiful phase of a person's life that doesn't return but the memories can be kept alive through brewing technology. With a well-equipped team they specialize in capturing all types of school events, be it a sports event or an inter-school competition.

Corporate Films Mumbai has enthusiastic workers who are passionate about school event videography and provide the best facilities in this sector.

If you are looking for videos that will not compromise on qualities with unique editing effects and transition as the clips transit from one to another, is your go-to?


2. Avatar Studios

Originally established in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Avatar Studios is a creative video production company in Mumbai that has diverse options that you can avail yourself of.

They offer you various options and specifications from digital advertisement to e-learning, event coverage to live videos, animated, green screen videos, and documentaries. The multitasking group of editors, cinematographers, writers, directors, producers, animators, and designers all join hands to customize the best videography option that will fulfill all your needs.


3. 8K Entertainment & Media Production

This video production company stands by a substantial experience of 10 years. Besides being creative the company believes in the mantra of being classy and most importantly adhering to the needs of the clients. This very belief of the company can act very suitable to the requirements of the school events videography where each activity and function is different and has a particular identity.


4. 9/1 Studios-Video Production

"Any Location, Any Scale, Any Budget!" These words are the heart of 9/1 Studios-Video Production Company as it has expansive borders in terms of location, scale, and budget. This way it can fit in your shoes as needed. The video production company believes in curating their work as per the words of the customers, which makes the studio a suitable option for the school level. Each school has a different budget and scale, some institutions may require promotional video production on a high scale while some may want simple videotapes to safeguard the rare moments into memories.


5. Shrex Design

It is a multidimensional company in Mumbai that works in the field of marketing, brand identity, and creating videos for such purposes. It is another suitable option for schools that wish to broaden their scale and admit more students from the next sessions. It will work well for new institutions that are looking to spread the word about their establishment as they will offer promotional tips with quality videography services. The videography team is well-versed in the job of visuals and adding effects as per requirement.


6. Filmapia India

As the name suggests, "Filmapia" is a video production company that offers videography services at the film level. For educational institutes that wish to create videos short films, Filmapia India is the go-to. It has many branches in Bangalore and Kerala, including one in Mumbai. In this video production company, professionals bring life to motion videos and box them into beautiful memories. It has a small and compact team of fewer than 10 employees, but they have successfully built a good name in this field. For all the school events that occur once in the lifetime of its history, such as 25 years celebration, Filmapia stands as a good choice.


7. Film District India

They stand as the storytellers who will bring you closer to your target audience through their unique style of Videography. Extremely particular about meeting deadlines and completing the given project as scheduled is their strong foot. Schools that want to bid a good farewell to the senior batch can join hands with this video production company as they can successfully portray the story of the last year students enjoyed in the school, each bit and piece beautifully assembled on a giant canvas to see for a lifetime.


8. Fruitbowl Digital

Fruitbowl Digital is a small company that has 10 office locations throughout the country, including Mumbai, 23 awards, and 210+ satisfied clients. Even if you have a small budget, and you wish for simple video shots and editing, Fruitbowl Digital is a good option to use. It believes in conceptualization and planning the process precisely before execution. For a theme-based video where a specific element needs to be highlighted, Fruitbowl Digital will do justice.


9. Brand Beavers

Brand Beavers is an educational video production company in Mumbai that aims at liquefying complex subjects for educational purposes. It is a start-up company with only 150+ satisfied customers at the current time, so it does not stand as the most reliable choice.

However, if you are looking for a video production company that fulfills your videography needs in terms of education and learning, the brand Beavers is the right choice.


10. Santanu Production

This company has positively produced 3000 films in the past 29 years since its establishment. Authorities that wish to present videos of achievements and awards the school and its students have acquired in the past years or at present can connect well with this video production company.


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