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Company Introduction Video in Mumbai

It is a common mistake when people think that Company Intro video is just like a Corporate video. There is a major difference between the nature of these two videos. A Company Introduction video as the name suggests, is a kind of Introduction video for a company while the Corporate video is like the entire package where in every detail of the company is highlighted.

We are a production company based in Mumbai region. We make both Corporate films and Company Introduction Video for major companies and corporations.

Our team is well equipped and have a knack for post-production, making a complete package of world class level.

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About Corporate video

Corporate videos consist of video content or video clips which act as a great tool to promote and build brand awareness. Corporate videos are basically a type of company video that is used to connect and engage the employees, customers, and audience to convey the ethics and ethos of the company itself.

Corporate video is a platform that unleashes the goals and ambitions of a company to its consumers.

A Company video can be a great way to engage employees and attract customers since it does not require much effort from customer's side. It has a higher chance of keeping an audience engaged as it requires less from a viewer and keeps their attention focused on the video for longer. Isn't it an excellent tool?

Corporate videos and its types

When corporate video production is concerned, it can be of many types.

Below is a list of different types of corporate videos that can be seen today.

  • Company and business videos
  • Marketing or Promotional Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Videos for the Conference
  • Customer testimonial videosits
  • Industrial Video clips
  • Internal Communication
  • Corporate short film
  • Explainer video
  • Charity Film
  • Now, we will discuss about the types of corporate videos one by one

    So, let's get rolling..

    Business or company video

    As discussed earlier, a company or a business video consists of video clips that last only a few minutes. The entire video contains content related to the company's foundation, its culture, about the brand. It also reflects on the aims and objectives of the company.

    Sometimes, a company video also contains scenes about their operation and how they work and make an impact.

    In short, a company video portrays the story of a company.

    Promotional videos/marketing video clips

    Promotional or marketing videos are mainly short corporate videos that are less than or about 30 seconds in length. The main agenda of producing such marketing video content is to show off the product or service a company is offering and catch the audience's attention. You can see such promotional videos while watching videos on YouTube. This type of video helps business to grow and attract new customers. The more creative these videos are, the more engaging they will be. This is basically all about video marketing.

    Training Videos

    Training videos consist of content related to any kind of training in any domain for any type of company. It can be staff training or first aid training. Training videos can be very helpful in workplace and can help to save time.

    Films for Conference

    This is also regarded in the category of corporate videos. Films for conference basically means a filmed conference. Here, conferences happening in a company is filmed. This allows the viewers like employees and other important person in a company to watch the extended content of the events that had happened in a day during their own watch time or as per requirement.

    Sometimes, films are also made for conferences. For example, a CEO's address can be filmed earlier and can be shown later if the CEO cannot attend the conference for any reason.

    Customer testimonial videos

    Customer testimonials act as a platform to connect the potential customers with the previous customers' experiences. It acts a great tool to convey the humble opinion of other consumers who have already using their service and products. Viewers obtain confidence in the company after watching customer testimonials, as it creates a positive impact for the brand.

    Industrial Corporate video

    In an industrial corporate video, as far as video content is concerned, it contains video clips of how the company works, how their employees work together to provide services for the people. It can also contain a description of the mechanism of providing their product or service. Industrial corporate videos are aimed at companies within a specific type of industry.

    Internal Communication

    Corporate video can change the way a company functions. Yes, it can. Corporate videos can be made to convey a particular message to the employees. Moreover, films which are made to place on company intranets can be a very useful tool in connecting senior staff with the employees of a company.

    Promotional or Branded Content.

    Promotional films are a great example of corporate videos. It is a type of quality video marketing strategy to attract customers. These are mainly based on the web or intranet. One can see promotional content on any website while surfing through the web. These types of videos mainly help in showcasing the products or services a company can offer. These films can also be used during panel discussions. This helps to create an interaction.

    Charity Films

    Charity films acts as one the most efficient ways to connect charities with supporters and funders around the globe. Charity films basically contain all the detailing about the work they carry out and how it impact the lives of people and the society. This videos can also help in portraying the difference a charity can make in the world. Now, this is considered as a major asset to the fund raisers.

    What is the importance of corporate videos in today's world?

    In the present day, marketing and advertising of the firm have become two crucial components of a company's success. If you have a fantastic product or provide an exceptional service, but you cannot inform your potential clients about it, the product or service is also great that doesn't exist.

    Corporate videos are a wonderful way to market your company via the Internet and television. A company video might focus on the new product or just provide an understanding of what makes your firm click. The finest thing about a videography is its ease of use and adaptability. You may use it as a TV commercial or present it at your annual conference. You can even select to present in a conference business meeting. A movie company serves numerous functions and is one of the simplest methods to establish a brand identity.

    Corporate films also help you to inform potential consumers about the services you provide. You may assemble your company's annual successes and present them to your consumers. It may also be used to depict the company's progress through time by creating a "now and then" video. You might incorporate photos and catchy words to showcase your company's main accomplishments. A film company highlights the good improvements in your company and aids in its promotion.

    Many multinational corporations use corporate videos during international trade shows to bring customers up to date on new goods and services. It is vital to stay current on your items as well as any changes in people and potential clients. Corporate films can also be distributed through webcasting. There are several free video sharing websites where you may download these films and inform people all around the world about your company, service, or product. Video sharing is an astonishing business because moving visuals have a far greater impact than any other technique of marketing.

    Who makes the corporate videos?

    Corporate communications firms specialize in producing videos for businesses, governments, and charities. Creators working on corporate films must comprehend their client's business model, which might range from weaponry to Royal Mail. Corporate communications, like the advertising sector, has its own awards ceremonies, with certain companies getting the biggest chunk of the bigger multinational organizations' work. However, corporate video production companies of various sizes exist, including small start-ups.

    How much time does it take to make a corporate video?

    Corporate films for large customers, such as worldwide brands or government agencies, will require a treatment and the assignment of a filmmaker to the project, who might debate the choices with the clients. Corporate films use all styles of narrative storytelling, and the length of the shoot is determined by the style of the film. If the customer selects a drama screenplay, the production period might be weeks instead of days for filming. If the funding is large enough, it is more probable that staff from feature films and commercials will be included in the shoot.

    Corporate films can be of any genre, from documentaries to drama, as long as they support the message that the firm wants to convey. Drama may be anything from a training film to a means of spreading awareness; the documentary style can be used to show a charity's activities in distant regions. The team may be engaged on a day of back-to-back executive interviews, recording a conference, creating high-end branded content with a high production value, or expanding the version of a vehicle ad.

    What crew is involved for corporate video production?

    Depending on the budget, a complete drama crew may be found on the upper end of the corporate video production spectrum, while a more select team (camera, sound, camera assistant, light assistant) can be found on the lower end. When questioning firm CEOs, a smaller team is usually employed.

  • Head of production
  • Executive producers
  • Producers
  • Marketing and creative development team (larger company)
  • Account director
  • Production manager
  • Production coordinator
  • Production assistant(s)
  • Post-production producer (larger company)
  • Who does what in the corporate video production crew?

    The marketing strategy development team

    This production crew is directly in charge of screenwriting. Their duty is to learn about your organization, what your intended audience has to express, and how to effectively deliver the message to them.

    In some cases, they will also conduct peer assessments to see how well the film is received by a target audience. This team's consulting function might grow into other parts of marketing, such as media purchasing.

    The production team

    The directors, producers, and creative helpers may be found here.

    If you're curious what the distinction between a producer and a director is, the former manages the filmmaking process, but the latter is a creative leader who makes all artistic decisions.

    About us

    Here we are! We are a corporate video production company. We have made some great corporate videos.

    We can create corporate videos according to your needs. We do rigorous surveys and interviews. So, we get some helpful tips to inform and impress your target audience.

    We can create corporate films or videos for product promotion with a complex mix of 2D and 3D animations as well, with motion and visual effects so that the target audience keeps engaged with it and develops an interest in your business.

    We have a team of trained, dedicated, and experienced professionals to shoot corporate videos for you. Our creative team are ready to create an attractive corporate video with some really great ideas.

    From the beginning to the end, we pay attention to each and every detail. so that we can produce the best corporate videos. We do produce the best corporate videos. We have our own corporate video as well. You can check it out on our website.

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