Conference Videography

Conference Video Services

Do you know about event videography? If you own a business or you deal in the corporate world, you must delve into the significance of event videography. Numerous events occur as the company grows and business develops more and more. Such events may include training programs, success parties with the shareholders and other investors, award ceremonies for the employees and promotional events for the public, and many more. Videography is one of the boons of the digital era which allows you to propagate these events to more audiences and stakeholders and interact with thousands of people. These services may stand expensive, especially for new growth companies, however, Corporate Films Mumbai offers you very affordable services and is worth your investment.

Conference Video Services

What is Conference Videography?

Concerning the above context, Videography is a digital method of shooting, capturing, and editing moving images or rather digital recording of motion and occurrence. It is not as simple as holding a camera and recording a few clips followed by a compilation of the shots. It is more than this, it involves pre-production, production, and post-production, a team of professionals including writers, camera charges, graphics and design charges, a director, and an editor work together to bring you the best quality videos. Sensible planning and on-time execution bring out quality output. Be it a video of 2 minutes or 10 minutes, it requires hours of hard work to capture shots from different angles.

In this light, Conference meetings are essential events in the corporate world, where valuable data is shared among the employees, investors, and other stakeholders depending on the topic and cause behind the conference. Therefore, professional recording and video shooting of conference meetings are called Conference Videography.

Conference Video Services

Why is Conference Videography Important?

Just like any other corporate events, Conference meetings are important events where different companies collaborate, or authorities from different branches of a business come together in one room to dig up important causes. In contrast to ceremonial events, conference meetings add up to brand equity and it's important to capture these conference meet-ups. Most of these conference meetings can turn even more useful when the company needs to look back on the data shared during these events. Some of the conference meetings that are organized on a high scale and budget including known members of the corporate world are live-streamed on television and this requires a diligent team of videographers to capture the conference precisely and present the best shots and accurate discussions of the conference to the public.

Conference Video Services

Different Types of Conference Videography:

Even in event videography, there are categories. Some events may include thousands of people such as promotional or ceremonial events, however, some events are restrained to the employees, investors, and selected stakeholders of the company such as training programs, and conference meetings. The following are the types of conference videography:

Public Conference Videography:

Public conferences are meetings that take place among the stakeholders, including the public. To increase brand awareness regarding a new product or to promote an existing product, conferences that are held in public are called public conferences. Such public conferences can be located in a public location where the audience can physically see these meetings and participate in them when involved, they can also be held in a private location where the public can interact via digital means and the audience can see these meetings virtually and participate in it through digital modes. The videography of such conferences is called public conference videography. It requires more camera equipment in comparison to private corporate conferences. Drone shots, a camera covering the conference from multiple angles, and directions stand essential. Press conferences are the best example of this, where authorities directly interact with the press, answer their questions and declare important notions.

Corporate Conference Videography:

Corporate conferences are private meetings in which selected stakeholders and company members can participate. Such a conference involves discussion of important information and delicate matters that must remain within the walls or requires data to be shared in the future. The public cannot participate in such conferences. Therefore, videography of such corporate conference events is known as corporate conference videography. It may not need multiple camera coverage, however, the technical team needs to be active to capture those important shots and provide the best results.

Use of Multi-Camera Coverage in Conferences:

Multiple-camera setup is a method of videography, where multiple cameras are employed to give the best coverage of the event. In big-scale events, several cameras are set up to cover an event from different angles and directions to provide the best broadcasting of the event. Such a scenario demands simultaneous recording and broadcasting of the event. One or two cameras cover the close-up shots and a central camera captures a wider angle which is called the master shot. Synchronization plays an important role in this method. Corporate Films Mumbai is one of the best video production companies in Mumbai which is capable of producing high-quality coverage of an event, by employing multiple cameras and guiding the shots adequately.

Conference Video Services

Live Streaming of Conferences:

When conferences are organized in a private location and digitally showcased to the audience, it is called the live streaming of conferences. Cameramen play an effective role in the accurate transfer of the conference. Live streaming will fail without proper guidance from the director who is in charge of choosing the right camera to display the ongoing event. Multiple cameras and their cameraman are placed to capture the event, and the transition from one shot to another must be smooth. They are also responsible to the public who can only see what is shown.

Corporate Films Mumbai offers a lot of options in this sector. As a part of this field for the past 5 years, Corporate Films Mumbai can efficiently cover a large-scale or a short-scale event and live stream it professionally.

Why is it necessary to choose the right video production team?

Event videography is completely different from scripted filming. Even promotional videos and brand advertisements can be scripted and recorded with proper tools, guidelines, and ample time to get the right shots, however live events and especially corporate events may include big names who will behave naturally and the focus of these events is more on the public or the investors and actions cannot be customized for the sake of videography.

In a live event, actions are not repeated for the sake of shooting and there are no repetitive takes for the perfect shots. The flow of the plan, and how an event may progress is the only information shared with the video production team and the rest settings and adjustment of the equipment are to be finalized based on smart work and experience. Multiple cameras are needed and a smart supervisor to shift from one camera to another. A realistic approach is required to do justice to such live events.

Therefore, in such a scenario it is the responsibility of the videographers and the video production team not to miss out on those special moments and interactions that authorities and employees share and bring out the accuracy of these events without missing out. Moreover, such events take place for long hours and the duration of these events, especially conference meetings, can be extended depending on the discussions. Conference meetings are rare events that are scheduled annually or once in 6 months, where high authorities as well as employees take out time and come together on one platform. About, active videographers must be selected for the job who are patient throughout the meeting and can bring justice to the rare event.

Corporate Films Mumbai


Corporate Films Mumbai is a video production company that will not disappoint you. It will successfully deliver the right video recording with smooth editing and tell the story you wish to capture.

Corporate films Mumbai is handled by a bunch of experts who have had stints with the finest television channels in the country namely NDTV, CNBC, Zee Network, and ETV Network. At present, we have created over 100 corporate films, training films, and product demos under their belt. We not only make sure to give the best quality as per your demand, but we also try to build the gap in between by curating our services at a reasonable cost.

The client list of corporate films in Mumbai reads like a who’s who of the corporate world and includes names like Vodafone, Future Group, Indian Oil, and Hettich amongst them. You need people who understand the art and science of production from both a creative and a technical viewpoint. And this is where corporate film Mumbai has an edge and stands out among the rest.

With solutions ranging from corporate film production and ad films, our services also include training films, product demos, and live webcasting. The services excel further in Live satellite hook-ups, live streaming, YouTube channel creating, Facebook video creating, and allied services corporate film Mumbai produces end-to-end solutions to your every need that needs an audio visual solution.

A Team of Professionals: Corporate Films Mumbai has a team of professionals, be it the employees responsible for editing or the videographers, be it the director or those in charge of graphics and designs, each member has been selected based on their supreme talent and experience. The team members have profound knowledge of their field and working process and substantial qualifications. The cherry on top is the smooth coordination and communication the team members share, their teamwork makes them special.

Proper Equipment: A video production company will stand nowhere without the proper equipment and digital tools and gadgets to execute professional output. Corporate Films Mumbai believes in investing in its electronic tools, and camera equipment to deliver high-resolution videos in HD quality.

Affordable Services: The best thing about Corporate Films Mumbai is their affordable charges, they offer quality services at an affordable rate and will turn out to be a great deal for you.

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Peak Management: Another very important part of this art of videography is management among the team members. Every positive feature will come to halt with poor management skills. The workers at Corporate Films Mumbai understand the significance of management be it among the employees of their company or between the customer company and themselves.

Meeting Deadlines: Corporate Films Mumbai will successfully deliver the results and final video on time. They understand the significance of timely delivery and meeting the deadline for client satisfaction.

All in all, we provide high-resolution video production services at very market-friendly rates. Managing the complexities of the video production business involves experienced hands and the people working with corporate films in Mumbai have got a cumulative experience of hundreds of years working with leading channels. For all of you who are looking for a variety of audio-visual solutions in Mumbai then Corporate Films Mumbai is the most suitable choice. It is a place where you can leave all the ups and downs of the production to the company, relax and look towards a solution that is the best that you can find. Experience is the key to success, and Corporate Films Mumbai stands by this belief. Having worked in this field, the company and its members understand the perception of the market and every aspect of videography.