Corporate Events Videographer

Corporate Event Videography

What are corporate events?

Well, corporations and companies organize public and private events for their employees, investors, and all the other stakeholders including the chief stakeholder, and the customers. Such corporate events form the face of the brand and the company for its longed success and further growth. The majority of these events are governed by attempts to promote the brand among the public and win over the reliability of new investors. The post-covid scenario has converted every element into a virtual medium and the significance of visuals and digital has thus increased. In this light, videography stands as an essential pillar in the making, carrying out, and recollection of these events.

What is Corporate event Videography?

Reflecting the procedure of videography is a high-tech process of planning, recording, editing, and adding designs and graphics, followed by the final formation of the video. Each event organized and conducted by a corporate company can be counted as a corporate event. The professional recording of these events with exact plans, aim and subject in the background can be termed corporate event videography. These videos are formed on a particular theme and specific marketing motive, to hit the target audience. In the corporate world, every year, thousands of business events take place where videos reflecting the past achievements of the company are required. Moreover, the videography of the events occurring also falls under this branch of videography.

Corporate events videography

What are the events that are held in Corporate sectors which require Videography?

The corporate sector is a big world where various kinds of events take place, some to simply highlight the achievement of the company like success parties, while some give recognition to the employees as award functions. However, the majority of the events are conducted as an attempt to grow the label and attract the target audience toward the products of the companies such as the launch of a new brand extension, and exhibitions to showcase the present standing of the company. Conferences to bring together several branches of the company based in different locations can also be counted as a events. Induction, orientation, training, inauguration, testimonial, annual events, promotional events, trade fairs, auctions, and outstation visits are some other examples.

Corporate events videography

What is the Importance of Corporate Event Videography?

The world of reality is depriving, and the digital world with a plethora of social platforms is overpowering the rest mediums of communication and trade. Thus, companies that fail to extend themselves on digital platforms are facing backlash and losses, while the ones that have got a knack for the digital algorithm are flourishing. Similarly, videography is a tool that will assist corporate companies to communicate their brand image and increase awareness among the audience in a smooth manner. Another aspect of joining hands with a video production company is the safeguarding of memories. Even in the corporate world, there are certain achievements, success events, and outings that are worth capturing for the welfare of the builders as well as the employees who shed their sweat to work harder and harder.

Corporate events videography

i. Digital Trend: Corporate events videography allows a company to step up with the ongoing digital trends and the necessity to post reels and online videos of each step it takes on the road to success. Teenagers are reaching the peak of success with the practice of content creation and presentation on social media apps, similarly, companies can post these corporate event videos and not fall back in the digital race.

ii. Attracting Target Audience: Online posts of corporate events will attract more traffic toward brand awareness. Association with the target audience will turn out healthy for the company's growth and prosperity.

iii. Marketing Technique: Posting digital content is the on-trend marketing technique to attract new customers, build a good name, and communicate with the audience. These videos can help the company to create more content on the web and imply digital marketing techniques to boost sales. Such content creation practices can easily increase the demand for their product in the market.

Corporate events videography

iv. Promotional Value: These corporate events videos have a significant promotional value as they are easy digital tools to create quality content, promote the brand name on several social media apps, and increase brand value and hype of the brand among present users.

What is the role of Corporate video production companies in such events?

The major role of these corporate video production companies is to present the exact image of the brand and form a good face of the company in the eyes of the public as well as different stakeholders. Big corporate companies are always under the attacks of trollers who try to bring down a company's name by false accusations. These video production companies can successfully safeguard the company name with professional equipment and videography skills.

i. Advertisement: A corporate video production company can act as a supreme tool of presentation for advertisement purposes. Professional recordings of corporate events can be used on television media or other social media platforms to advertise the brand. This method will also save money on separate planning and videography of advertisements as the company can get double the profit from one investment.

ii. Attracting Investors: The videos formed by these video production companies can be utilized in presentations where new Investors or shareholders can see these videos and form reliable bonds with the company.

iii. Compilation of Memories: There are a few moments in the company, such as the inauguration of the company, launching a brand extension, recognition, and achievement events that occur once in the history of the company. These video production companies can compile those moments into motion memories.

iv. Winning Trust of the Employees: Such efforts and investments of the company to record significant corporate events don't go unnoticed by the employees, but instead fuel them to be more motivated toward the company's wellbeing.

v. Display of Past Events in Future Events: In future events, the videos of the past events can be showcased to present the long-lived history, development, and positive graph of the company.

What is the cost of hiring Corporate event video production companies in India?

The higher the quality you are opting for, more will be the price. For small projects and videos of 2 minutes the initial price can fall between 5,000 to 10,000 rupees. Professional services can charge up to 25,000 to 50,000 rupees per day. For corporate events including hundreds and thousands of people, the production will be more expensive in comparison to training and conference events dealing with fewer members. If you are looking for exclusive corporate event videography services, then prices may go as high as 1,00,000 to 5,00,000 per event depending on the HD quality, additional graphic designs, and the crowd involved.

List of 10 Corporate Event video production companies in Mumbai

1. Corporate Films Mumbai

As the name of the company suggests, Corporate Films Mumbai specializes and excels in this particular corporate field. It is a multidimensional video production company that emphasizes several aspects of a corporate company at the same time. Promoting the company name and forming videos to cover every single element of the corporate company is the integral aim of Corporate Films Mumbai. It is a wholesome package to advertise corporate events and convey the core values of your company to the target audience in the simplest manner. It believes in covering every pillar and every stakeholder that stands substantial in the building and functioning of the company.


2. Shrex Design

Professionalism is their charm, Shrex Design company specializes in the marketing field. It has the apt knowledge about the ongoing trends, the right sense of digital, and how to gear it in the direction of your profit and prosperity. They apply psychological tactics to increase engagement and boost sales. If you wish to build a solid identity for your brand through the method of corporate event videography, Shrex Design is the right choice. It has a team of professionals who are well-versed in the job of visuals and adding designs, graphic effects, and animations as required.


3. 9/1 Studios-Video Production

9/1 Studios-Video Production Company is a flexible company that can customize the package as per your needs. It can do wonders for a big multinational company as well as a new startup that is facing financial challenges and has strict investment boundaries for promotion. Their options are suitable for all budgets ranging from thousands to lakhs. Avail of their contrasting options of social media content, corporate films, advertisement, product videos as well as documentaries.


4. 8K Entertainment & Media Production

With a reputed experience of 10 years in the video production field, 8K Entertainment & Media Production stands well-versed in terms of knowledge and professional equipment. Fashion brands and products that demand a luxury image should opt for this video production company as they master in depicting classy films and elite videography skills. Their core ideology is changing dreams into reality. Therefore, brands looking for sudden growth in their sales can opt for this option.


5. Avatar Studios

Looking for a creative approach and breaking stereotypes, Avatar Studios is a good option. They believe in building new concepts and introducing new themes and angles for attracting audiences.

This company was initially established in Bengaluru, Karnataka, however, it has opened a new branch in Mumbai. Corporate companies can avail of different options and specifications such as digital advertisement to e-learning, event coverage to live videos, animated, green screen videos, and documentaries. The multitasking group of editors, cinmetagropjors, writers, directors, producers, animators, and designers all join hands to customize the best videography option that will fulfill all your needs.


6. Pansworld Televisions

Having experience with big companies such as Bajaj, Tata Motors, Indian Oil, and many more on the long list, Pansworld Televisions has a great deal of experience in this sector of videography and techniques needed to present the corporate company. They specialize in shooting employee training videos, testimonial events, as well as corporate marketing videos, and brand films. A team of hardworking filmmakers delivers high-quality video compilations.


7. Antigravity

Another corporate video production company that offers you numerous options to create your company's video through your perception. Corporate videos, after-event videos, tutorial videos, and real estate videos are some of the unique services Antigravity provides to its customers.


8. Pitchworx

Pitchworx presents itself as a live shooting company, giving special emphasis on its capabilities to capture live corporate events. Established 9 years ago, you can count on them for event coverage especially those dealing with live events, leadership interviews, client testimonial videos, operation process videos, and training videos.


9. Verve Media

They believe in the power of storytelling and their videography skills speak the same. Their process of composing the event video follows the pattern of laying out a solid action plan and then executing it. The best deal they offer is drone shots, yes they are well equipped with drone devices and capture those visually appealing aerial shots.


10. Fruitbowl Digital

Fruitbowl Digital is a professional player in this video of corporate video production and will take complete responsibility for pre-production, production as well as post-production. They stand as a reliable option for shooting conference meetings and graphic services are a cherry on the top.