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Today in the age of Internet, things change everyday. The phenomenon of promotion and marketing has also changed drastically since the introduction of the Internet. In this age of Internet, the video has proved to be the most crucial element. A simple video can emote so much today that a thousand words can not.

We are a Mumbai based video-production company we have been in the business for more than 5 years make simple videos like info-graphics to ultra modern animation videos, also we make corporate and commercial videos and cover major events and conferences all over Mumbai.

Our team is well equipped and have a knack for post-production, making a complete package of world class level.

If you have any such requirements, contact us.

What are corporate videos?

Corporate Videos consist of video content which is tailored for a specific target audience to attract their attention. These videos are somewhat like explainer videos, but content creation is a little bit different.

A corporate video can act as a great marketing video, or it can also be a way to facilitate fantastic and easy communication between the employees and the employers in a company or business. It aids in digital marketing. Digital marketing includes social media marketing as well, which is extremely engaging in today's digital world. A business analyst prefers short videos, including product videos, to attract more customers. It has been seen to work as a great marketing strategy to uphold businesses and companies in the time of a global pandemic.

Corporate videos come in various forms. It can include videography and shooting. It can also include 2D, 3D, or whiteboard animation with graphics., audio, and effects.

Video Production services

What is meant by "Corporate Video Production"?

By corporate video production, we are actually referring to the process by which a production company makes a corporate video. The process usually goes through some certain steps. Worry not! In this article, we will discuss the stages of video production; how much does it cost, and what are the factors that affect its cost? We will also list the top video production companies in Mumbai, India.

At first, a company or a business decides what the objectives are on which their corporate video will be based upon. They usually jot down some points. Next, that business or that company in turn connects with a corporate video production company. This is where the actual process of creating videos takes place.

Video Production services

What are video production companies and what is their role?

A corporate video production company provides video production services. They offer their services to various types of clients, including business organizations, industries, charities, government agencies, and so on.

As a video production agency, they offer creative consultations and collect all the various proposals related to video production. They give a brief overview of how the video will look stylistically. Then the agency moves forward towards the other stages of video production, one by one. First comes, storyboarding, then scripting. These are all the pre production stages of video production. All of these are maintained by a managing director.

Then comes the process of creating high-quality videos. This step is either done through live filming or shooting. Or else, this is done with the help of an in-house animation studio. The animation can be 2D animation or 3D animation. It can be a mix of these two as well.

After this comes the post production services, where the video is given the final touch with editing and graphics. In the case of animated videos, this is the stage where audio and music are embedded inside the video. The final product is then verified by the production lead or the senior manager.

Video Production services

What are the factors on which the cost of video production depends? How does a video production company calculate cost?

You might think that video production is a very simple process. But, believe me,, its not! There are several steps that a video production agency has to go through to create videos. It is complex, but it is a creative process as well.

So now we will discuss the top factors which affect the cost of video production, so let's get rolling.

Cost for professional development and storyboarding

These can be costly, but they are required if your director is unable to create a shot list or find a means to communicate with the cinematographer. You may save money by letting students draw their own, but if you're doing a professional job, they should seem polished.

Cost for professional production company services

This is where we step in. and posers who aren't as excellent as us. If you have a goal, you will need a team of experts to assist you achieve it. Find those who have the necessary equipment, a strong track record, references, and fair pricing.

Writing and Scripting costs.

While some businesses do this in-house, having an extra pair of eyes to help you smooth out your ideas is always beneficial. They're also necessary on set in film and TV for last-minute alterations.

Video Production services

Editing and color grading costs.

You want the greatest people in the edit to cover your flaws in the corporate video. Otherwise, you'll have to pay a lot more to get their job rectified.

Actors and voice artists salary.

Are you a union or a non-union employee? How many takes will it take to complete? Are there any last-minute changes? Are the performers good enough just to hit their targets and recall their lines? Working with people provides numerous intangible benefits.

Video Production services

Camera Quality

You want to spend money on a camera that looks elegant, but the expertise of the person working with it is more important. Even so, low-quality cameras produce low-quality photographs. And such photographs may be more difficult to modify and less color-responsive.

Cost for lighting and equipment

There are simple kits available that may be sufficient depending on what you're filming. Collaborate with your cinematographer to determine what would work best for you.

Cost for Graphics and VFX

Here, you get what you paid for. You may require images to simulate weather, fill a screen, or even add complete CGI to particular areas. Prepare as much as you can in terms of guidance because the price is rising significantly.

Stock Footage Acquisition cost

There are several free stock video sources available, but they may not meet your needs. Investigate the legality and cost of what you require ahead of time so that you can prepare properly.

Licensing/union Fees

When you employ a union, you often get better labor at a higher cost. Again, arrange everything ahead of time and in pre-production so that nothing surprises you.

Audio Files and Music

Music, like a handful of the editorials above, will cost you. Even unpopular songs have variable license prices depending on in which they are utilized or where your products are marketed.

Crew salary and cost

Overtime may cost hundreds of dollars per minute for a full squad. And that is only over time. The greater the production, the larger the staff. Hire a professional production manager to assist you with managing everything.

Video Production services

Location Cost

Do you construct sets or rent them? What is the cost of your location? Can you photograph at night? How many days do you have? There are so many alternatives. Make a note of them and plan your shooting days around them.

Onsite cost of production and catering

Your team will have to be fed, and you will require the services of specialists to do it. Learn how much food trucks and rental may cost, and always buy extra food than you need.

Studio/Stage Time and Booking Costs

This item, like places, is not cheap to rent. You might be able to arrange an hour or two, but make sure you prepare for many tries and time for VO artist to recover.

Props and sets

Every set must be prepared down to the smallest detail. However, props, sets, and costume must also prepare about what to do if a light breaks or an actor's spectacles shatter. Ensure you have a variety of backup products and ideas.

Transcribing costs

Here's something you might not consider, but it could be beneficial in the long term. Transcriptions can assist editors put entire scenes and can also be valuable for pre-production on protracted phone talks.

Costs for Rendering

Oh, the rendering. Whenever your editors sit and wait patiently for their brilliance to be shown. This takes time, particularly with larger files. So you have to pay them to be present. So make sure you just implement the adjustments and export when everything is finished.

Costs of travel and accommodation (for live filming)

You'll have to put folks up in motels if you don't live within a decent distance of the venue or studio. You must also transport them from and to the set. It can't be all Ubers, although they come in very handy late at night.

Total Length of the final product

The longer anything is in existence, the more costly it becomes. Know your target duration and include a few shooting days as a buffer to ensure you can meet the days you've scheduled.

Translations and languages

Do you want the entire world to witness your imaginative work or commercial? This will cost you thousands. That's why many advertisements have absolutely no speech. However, some, such as medical advertising, contain a large number of them. So, as soon as your script files are locked, hire a skilled translation.

Cost for online hosting and related fees

There are many free sites available, and you want the greatest quality, but some of those locations fall short. They can also increase the price of music. So pick your distribution wisely.

Miscellaneous costs

Always allow funding available for unplanned expenses. On set, you never know when you'll need a fire dept, an animal wrangler, or a teacher. All of this might add up rapidly and increase the budget's expense.

Each of these aspects has its own set of expenses that influence budget issues. The option to deploy professional talent, corporate workers, or a combination of both, for example, is crucial.

You will also need to consider transportation, lodging, feeding talent, and whether or not additional filming time is required.

Similarly, business executives and workers who appear in a film must sign legal releases, they are frequently instructed, and there are incidental charges such as clothes and cosmetics.

As this one case demonstrates, budgeting for a high-quality corporate film is not as simple as scribbling figures on a yellow paper. Each aspect has its own charges and costs, which differ depending on your individual expectations and demands.

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