Reanimate your Content : Types of Videos and When to Use Them

Reanimate your Content : Types of Videos and When to Use Them

content-videoReinventing is a constant. Everything else is temporary. So, in order to increase the longevity of your content, you need to reinvent your content on a regular basis. You need to keep the audience engaged. Offering them something fresh and exciting will definitely attract more of them and moreover, retain them for a longer period of time. In the marketing industry trends play an important role, in fact what’s the cutting edge, what’s hot in the present market scene is the foundation of any marketing approach. As we already know that Content is King in today’s scenario of publicity frenzy. Not only do we want good quality content but also long lasting, evergreen content. Data has always been the driving force for targeted marketing plans or efforts whether they are about how to be more progressive, how to be smart, more efficient or more productive ultimately. Data continues to drive our efforts in this direction. People today have difficulty in memorising things, especially something that serves them no purpose. So, it becomes highly necessary to make your content or data strong enough as to withstand the test of such times. We need content which can make people remember the content and visualize the effectiveness (as in compatibility) of that content in their life. We need something which people relate to as it helps them associate the content with their daily lives.Here’s a list of things which you need to inculcate in your content in order to reanimate it.


  1. Speak from the heart – same old content gets monotonous and doesn’t call for attention from any new person. Moreover you may tend to lose the regular ones as well. So, include a video where you speak what you feel, be it about any recent issue, your personal life, things that matter in general. Speaking your heart out helps your audience to know you as a person and better appreciate your content.
  2. Answer questions – to be connected with your audience is highly essential in today’s times. It pays to be out there as you are definitely going to garner more love and attention when you are there for your audience. Reply to any queries or messages that you receive. Plus, you could also make an FAQ video in order to address a large section of your audience. Your audience get their answers, you get content regarding a videoand you are appreciated for catering to the needs of your audience, what more could you have asked for?
  3. Partner with fellow content creators – this is a real game changer. People want to see compatibility and camaraderie between different content creators and it adds up to your viewer base as well. Rope in the top players of your genre to get more support and let people know that you have got that potential in you.
  4. Interview people – interactive videos are a hit. Interview famous personalities to present them in a new light. You could also try interacting with general people on the road, to make it tilt more on the funny side. One on one interaction is always deemed fresh and hence attracts more audience.
  5. Be in the moment – it’s not always necessary to do the same kind of videos or posts that you have always posted. Explore different types of videos. If you are on the road and get a good idea for a video or get some inspiration regarding a post, then get your phone out and start on it. On the move videos and live posts garner a large number of new viewers.
  6. Make it personal – post videos that present you as a person. Show your emotional side to the viewers, your daily routine, your lifestyle and any new activity you may have taken up to keep the curiosity flowing towards you.
  7. Model success – you may have a list of some people who you follow. Model their success, try and rope in their works, ideologies etc. in your videos. This gives a clear vision to your followers, as to what thought process goes on behind the videos that you post. They come to know of your choices and decisions in a good way, thus, making you and your content more appealing.
  8. Let them tag along – share your journey through any new activity that you are learning, document every step along the way of your journey. This lets your viewers engaged and excited to see how it unfolds for you. Take them along in your growth and encourage them to follow suit.
  9. Have weekly themes – this will enhance the enthusiasm of your viewers in a good way. People know what kind of video comes up when and thus, wait for that particular kind of content. This adds a variety to your content avoiding monotony. For instance, you could have funny Fridays, lazy Sundays and so on to get in the groove of your viewers routine as well.
  10. Say thank you – this is the most important part of reanimating your content. You can’t thank your viewers enough, so, get to it and start posting thank you videos, once in a while to appreciate the kind of attention you are getting. This lets your viewers satisfied and this motivated to keep you company. They won’t be disappointed by the fact that you are not concerned for their appreciation. Let them know that you are thankful for their comments, likes, subscription and everything else.


These kind of videos or content is going to reanimate your content and give a new lease of life to the number of viewers you have, for sure. Staying in the light is really essential in today’s times. Mere presence doesn’t matter, you have to make it count. Know your follower base and interact with them to understand their needs and try to cater to the changing tastes of your industry. This will help you enhance your following and allow for more satisfaction on a personal level. Get out there, explore, evolve and be ready to dominate the list of content creators out there.

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