The Best Corporate Video Script

The Best Corporate Video Script

The-Best-Corporate-Video-ScriptThe significance of a video in the modern world of gadgets and technology cannot be underestimated from any angle. Be it for Logan Paul’s new vlog or Apple’s new iPhone X, a video is always needed to let the anonymous audience know what you want to say. But, a video without a script is like a human being without a spine; limp, confused, and messy. A proper script is what makes or breaks a video and can separate your video from other quintessential videos out there.Video marketing is becoming more and more important to the success of a business every day. This is because it is such an essential part of a successful marketing strategy and helps a business promote their brand, get their important message across, and improve their relations with clients and others. So, what makes up a great video script that will grab their attention and keep it. If you’re creating a corporate film then you’re going to need a video script. (There are exceptions; a filmed testimonial shouldn’t be scripted, and when shooting certain events such a thing might be impractical. But most of the time a script is a must-have.) With a well-written script, you can make sure your video content gets across your message and grabs hold of your audience, whether it’s a promotional brand film or a training video for internal use. So… how do you write a script that gives your video such structure and focus? To answer that, here I’ll talk about how you can write the best corporate video script.

What is a Corporate Video Script?
The corporate video script is designed to increase sales, fanfare and, of course, fun. How a company goes about engaging its customers, however, can mean the difference between losing them in the noise or luring them into the lovely garden of its sales funnel. Head south for the top four video writing secrets, revealed.
The key to script writing that sells is to avoid letting the content sell it all. Here’s the trick. Show, don’t tell. When a company spells out its talents, achievements and values in wordy terms, it robs its clients of doing the same. What could have been a delicious branding opportunity falls short. Take one Psychology Today study, for example. When people labeled themselves with admirable qualities, they were significantly less likely to live them out. Self-labeling with positive traits may also incite skepticism from the receiver. When an audience is free to form brand connections on their own, labels like “authentic”, “innovative” and “industry leader,” the relationship is forged or solidified. Many companies give lip service, the greatest don’t need to.

Ten Seconds till Absolute Destruction
The attention span of the average adult is around two minutes, according to many sources. This has become somewhat of an industry standard, due to YouTube and the fact that people are watching video content more from their mobile devices than ever before, rather than from their desktops.
In this process of looking for content, people are clicking on video links at a fast rate and deciding what they think is worth watching. This means you only have around 10-15 seconds to grab their attention. So how do you do it? Here are a few ways which have proven successful for many businesses: –
• Use content that audiences connect to emotionally – t is shown in analytics and research that people share videos they emotionally connect to at a much higher rate than those which simply tell them facts.
• Make it engaging – Just like good blogging and content writing, the winning video scripts should engage them, give them something they can relate to, and move them some way. It doesn’t have to always be an emotional experience. But it should be something that will motivate them to keep watching. Remember the goal is to get people to watch your whole message, especially since you will likely have a “call to action” at the end of the video.

How to Come Up with the Best Corporate Video Script?
Now, if you’re looking to construct a killer corporate video script, use the tips mentioned below:

1) Remember, authenticity wins hearts.
Love is a battlefield, and so is marketing. According to Forbes, (and the rest of the universe), every move a company makes can be viral in seconds time. “This poses a challenge for marketers. They must navigate the latest and greatest means of meeting the customer where they are and ensure the messages they put out are both genuine and in alignment with their brand principles.” It also makes it imperative for a company to maintain composure, class and transparency on all fronts.
With a corporate video script in mind, customers can feel genuinely cared for when they’re spoken to on real terms. “For so long, brands have valued traits like, ‘clever,’ ‘funny’ and ‘witty’ over traits like, ‘honest,’ ‘trustworthy’ and even ‘vulnerable.’” A carefully crafted corporate video script also bears in mind who customers are and what they search for. Every company should know its audience’s favorite subject (hint: themselves). Using this information, pulled from current customer data and researching brand experiences, a business can devise a plan with everything its audience needs to know. Ultimately, this will send the message they are cared for, humanized and seen. Hello, loyalty.

2) The best of corporate video scripts has a story to tell.
Use animations in your script. Explainer videos are often done best using animated actors and interesting dialogue to tell the story for them. Create a problem, explain the solution, and show how your company can help them solve it. Be entertaining. Like any good story, an effective and winning video will have elements of great entertainment. Imagine Steven Spielberg directing as you unfold the story before your viewers and try to keep them wondering what you will do next.
Include elements of great theatre and movies. Just like in the motion picture industry, something should stand out for the viewer, whether it is colors used in the animations, emotional appeal, or just a great story line, focus on what works and keep the attention of even the most indecisive.

3) Use moving pictures.
“Today, content only succeeds if it delivers what consumers want, when and how they want it. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep up with the changing landscape when you invest in cutting-edge forms of content, such as video marketing,” said Forbes and every savvy marketer, ever. When most companies hear video, they think blog. Yet a video blog, or blog, is just one of the myriad ways to present eye-catching content. When writing a corporate video script, think outside the four-walled box, which can often take center screen. Projected at more than 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019, videos up companies’ consumer game.
The most strategic locations include otherwise text-only marketing emails (to bump up click rates) or embed the text in landing pages of a company’s website. Product page videos, which roughly 90 percent of customers report supported their purchase decisions, are also an excellent ally to digital product content. With these insights in mind, video content can also surround web, email or social media campaigns, new product launches, blogs and news articles. If a photo’s worth a thousand words, a video captures 1.8 million.

4) Make your video confident and build it yourself. Consumers will come automatically.
The purpose of a killer marketing video in the end is to get the viewer to click on that “call to action” link. If they don’t do that, then all of your work is in vain. This means every word you say in your marketing video should be important, and should hold their attention, long enough to get them to click on your link to your landing page. Keeping this as your long-term goal is essential in leading your viewer through the process until they do what you ask them to do–click that link! So, don’t forget to tell them to click! Remember, they won’t know what to do unless you tell them.

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