Latest Trend In Corporate Video Production

Latest Trend In Corporate Video Production

editing-1141505_960_720Corporate video is a show stealer when it comes to digital marketing. It provides the viewer with all the required information and that too in such an appealing manner that is hard to resist. You can’t move away from a corporate video these days, they have evolved to be so intriguing, enticing and thus, way more effective than they used to be. Corporate video serves as a true reflection for the company or brand’s image. Now people want a trustworthy brand to associate themselves with. They want a holistic view of the company values and the services it offers. Viewers or probable customers now focus on a more humane approach towards every single aspect of the business. One can know the gist of the company ideology through corporate videos. So, they are really essential when considering associating yourself with the company, be it as a job seeker, a client, a manufacturer or just a simple customer. Now, it is understood that corporate videos are very important to identify the core nature of a company. For a job seeker, it gives out information about the working environment, for a probable client or customer, it gives out the values that the company believes in, for a manufacturer, it gives out the story of growth of the company and its significant past associations, if any. Therefore, there are multifaceted uses or impressions that a corporate video portrays. How companies are improvising on this is to be seen? How can a company make it better? What more improvisations can be done to ensure a truthful image of the company?

Great content is just one part of the equation, the other part is getting that content in front of a highly targeted audience. A concise message, tailor made to fit the target audience is only the beginning, there’s a whole lot of dynamics around it to make it work. To enhance the brand image and reach more and more probable customers is the ultimate goal of the corporate video of any business, company or brand. Let us look at some of the latest trends in order to understand the various features and necessities that we need to consider while going for corporate video production.


  1. One off to episodic – previously it was more common to produce one off videos. Now it has evolved with clients who view it as a part of their ongoing business strategy. You have corporate videos at every stage of the business and for core internal functions as well like sales, internal communication and content marketing updates.
  2. Monologue to dialogue – ten years ago, companies would have complete control of the message of a video and how it’s distributed. Today, a lot of content video is distributed by uses such as being shared through social media. It has now become far more important to structure content around what will connect with the audience.
  3. General to specific – companies used to make one, often generalised, video pertaining to the company history, its services and ideology. It’s more common now to produce a number of short, very focused or niche videos about specific areas of the business.
  4. More use of real people – there’s been a shift to greater authenticity and more transparency about the business beyond its glossy surface. People want to do business with people and they want some insight into who they will actually be dealing with. What are their thoughts and attitude towards certain business matters. For that reason, it is less common to use actors and celebrities in corporate, promotional videos nowadays. It is more and more common to use real people in the business. Ones that the viewers at large can relate with better.
  5. Budget – there’s been a shift from investing all of the budget into just one video to spreading that same budget over a number of smaller videos. Companies are still making large budget videos but now, as in many cases, a series of three or four smaller videos are incorporated to better cover a particular side of the business in detail in one video and talk about another in a different video.
  6. Emotional connect – Emotional connect is really significant as far as digital marketing through corporate videos is considered. It can not be achieved in a short span of time. You need to be emphatic while directing the attention of your probable clients and customers in the desired direction. Drive the focus cleverly towards points, features that you want your viewers to know well. A good corporate video has to have certain key elements which make it stand out amongst a flood of all the good quality corporate videos out there. It has to offer something unique that makes people acknowledge it for a long time. Difficult but not impossible. It has been noticed that the script is the most important and integral part of any corporate video. Without a strong, connecting script at its core, a corporate video might lack lustre. Having that emotional connect, striking that chord with the audience is the most sought after aspect in the marketing industry. Business persons have begun to capitalize on this fact and hence we have a slew of corporate videos trying to establish that emotional connect with the viewers. Now companies invest in long haul ideas instead of short haul or seasonal ones. They want to make it a memorable experience for the customer not a momentary thing.
  7. Informative – there might be some traits of a product that might not be directly reflected in social campaigns, ads or anywhere else. Such traits can only be inferred by experience. One who has used the product or have had a relationship with the company can only provide such information. Here the corporate videos play a critical role as they shape the company’s image in the prospective customers’ minds based on their existing users’ experiences, making it genuine. The prospective customers, through such videos, will know more about the product or company than browsing the website of that particular company. It is to be kept in mind, though, that it should not be flooded with information as well. Subtlety is the key to put across the message and also keep the charm and tone of the video intact.


These are the main trends in video production that we are witnessing these days. It’s worth considering how these trends can benefit any business.

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