The Why’s, What’s, and How’s of Corporate Video Production

The Why’s, What’s, and How’s of Corporate Video Production

corporate-video-production-1024x538Let’s play detective for a minute and try to solve the mystery of making a corporate video.  The key issues at hand are “why this video needs to be made,” “what kind of video to make,” and “how it should be made.”  You need these clues solved to uncover the best strategy for producing the best video.  Starting in pre-production, the concept of the video needs to answer the why’s and what’s before beginning the production phase to solve the where and how and finally wrapping in editing where the motive becomes clear.

Start with planning your business goal.  “What” do you hope to achieve by making this video.  This could be internal goals for training or communication in an effort to help your business run more smoothly or marketing ideas to boost sales.  Being as specific as possible is of the utmost importance.  If you can plan out the “who” as accurately as possible by the structure of the video will fall into place.  These factors help you to understand “why” you are making the intended video.  The video must contain some form of a message and different audiences comprehend messages differently.

Once you have a clear outline of your audience and a message you can call in the creative squad to formulate some tactics for delivery of a story line.  There are conventional methods in roping a target audience as well as newer ideas that could be even more useful.  Sometimes it pays to bend the law on this one.  Being creative has its advantages but also its drawbacks.  You don’t want the captain ringing your neck on this one but he’ll be shaking your hand if you get the job done right.  Audiences are growing and becoming desensitized to conventional methods and “how” to deliver a clear message to them transforms at the same pace.  Trust your instincts on this one and listen to those in the creative lab.  They can support evidence that can nail message to the wall in the video.

You always need to head back to the scene of the crime, in this case, that “where” is the production location.  Knowing if the video will take place in an office setting or a home or in front of a green screen is another crucial step in the modus operandi.  It should be related to the who and the how, which all goes back to knowing the audience.  Some options are cheaper and some are more feasible but being precise is best.  Once you gather all the facts and capture the culprit, handcuffed in a hard drive you can send ‘em to the editors.  There, the footage will confess all it has to offer as the editors work their magic.

Pulling this all together is a case of having a clear business plan and knowing the audience.  It took some creative ingenuity but only after the clear facts was presented.  With this method, there is little mystery to creating an effective corporate video.  Gathering the facts and working with a good production team is the best method for solving the video problem to any business situation.

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