The Question You Should Ask When You Hire a Video Production Company

The Question You Should Ask When You Hire a Video Production Company

video-production-companyApart from your genetic inheritance, most things in life present you with a choice. Left or right? Veg or Non-veg? Tequila or taxi? These are familiar, yet confusing decisions for most of us. Which is why we completely understand that hiring a video production company is not an easy task?Of course, you’re after the best product at the best price. This takes some shopping around, putting the word out and asking the right questions. When a prospective client calls us, one of the first questions they ask is: “How much?” Now, cost is obviously an important factor in any decision but – no two corporate videos are alike. We don’t have a video company rate card, or a ‘pick and choose video catalogue’. Each and every video we produce is a bespoke piece of brilliance.

At Top Line, we like to talk it through, get a full brief and then make recommendations. This helps us work to our clients’ budgets to make a good-looking video that will meet their business objectives. Questions are an important part of the process but rather than “How much will it cost?” or “How long will it take?” Here’s what you should be asking to get the best product at the best price.

What can I get for my budget?
Your budget will directly influence the video’s production process and guide its style, equipment needs, and cast and crew. It’s very important to establish the budget from the get-go. The client and the production company both need to be on the same financial page. If your vision is more expensive than you realised, then you can discuss it upfront and look for creative ways to achieve a similar result for the same money, or budget more to ensure you’re happy with the finished article. Once the penny and pound parameters are set, the creative process can flow far more successfully.

How long does the post-production process take?
What many clients don’t realise is that post-production is a lengthy process – and different styles, such as live video versus animation, take different amounts of time. This is important to know upfront as you may need your video turned around quickly. Trying to change things halfway through filming, to speed up the entire production process, will increase costs and impact the final result. You’ll more than likely be left with a shoddy video that went way over budget. Make sure you understand the post-production process before you get started.

How long should my video be?
You might think that a ten-minute explainer video featuring boring nonsense and unnecessary information is a great idea. We don’t. But that’s ok because that’s why you’ve hired us. We’re experts at this stuff so let us help you determine the right video length to maximise its impact.

What suits my brief best? Animation or filmed?
You probably already have an idea in your head about how you want your video to look. Be open to the fact that this might have to change. A video production company worth its salt won’t just nod and do – if we think live action will convey your message better than animation, we’ll advise you accordingly. Your corporate image, budget and business objectives all play an important role in deciding the best look and feel. Again, it’s important to ask this upfront so that all can agree on the approach before shouting “Action”.

If the time has come to look at hiring a video production company, look no further! We’ve got the experience and professionals you need. Speak with Shashank Sharma today. 

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